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MODUS Trauma 2.5

The MODUS Trauma 2.5 system is used to treat simple and complex fractures of the mandible. The aim of functionally stable internal fixation of mandible fractures is to achieve undisturbed healing with no restriction of jaw function and without the use of intermaxillary fixation. It is therefore necessary to adequately fix every individual type of fracture. If the mandible is subject to heavy loading, it is safer to use a stable trauma plate with the appropriate screws.

Ideally, fractures with bone loss and comminuted fractures are treated by bridging osteosynthesis using stable trauma or reconstruction plates. Use in combination with MODUS 2.0 and/or MODUS Trauma 2.0 is also possible. The functionally stable trauma plates permit the accurate anatomical reduction of dislocated fractures of the mandible.


  • Unstable fractures of the mandible
  • Multisegment and comminuted fractures
  • Fractures with bone loss
  • Dislocated fractures of the body of the mandible and angular fractures
  • Polytraumatized patients
  • Mandible reconstruction with vascular pedicle grafts

System components

  • 12 different plate types
    in titanium (ASTM F67) hard, gold
  • Plate thickness 1.6 mm
  • Cortex screws with cross-drive
    Ø 2.5 mm, lengths 6-30 mm, gold
    Ø 2.8 mm, lengths 6-18 mm, gold

Color coding




implant plates, hard; implant screws