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MODUS 2.0 SpeedTip


For quick and effective treatment of trauma and orthognathic patients, the surgeon depends on reliable and effective osteosynthesis material.

The use of MODUS SpeedTip cortical screws results in a time and safety benefit, as pre-drilling of the screw hole is not necessary. It eliminates the risk of choosing an unsuitable twist drill or of breakage of a twist drill.

Self-drilling screws also simplify intraoral interventions remarkably. Positioning of the plate and screw insertion are performed in one working step.


The rapid cutting tip of the functionally optimized polygon geometry allows for immediate cutting of the bone with only slight axial pressure. The triangular shaft design permits simultaneous drilling and displacement of the bone material in the zone behind the screw tip. The conical reduction of the diameter of the cutting body reduces the insertion torque.