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MODUS Reco 2.5

The unique plate-screw combination, which acts as an internal fixator, guarantees stable long term reconstruction. The patented locking system ensures rigid and functionally stable fixation of the bone. All plates are made from pure titanium which is biocompatible and well tolerated by irradiated tissue. The system includes a Temporary Condylar Head Prosthesis, which offers vertical adjustability and medial positioning of the prosthesis head. The instrument set contains the essential tools, which are compatible with the user-friendly components of the MODUS system.

The vertically adjustable condylar replacement with medial positioning of the prosthesis head is used to compensate for the loss of the bony condyle. The dimensions of the prosthesis are based on anthropometric data. Right and left versions of the Condylar Head Prosthesis and two different lengths of the Carrier Element permit optimal adaptation of the implant to the patient’s anatomy.


Reconstructive surgery

For bridging defects in bone continuity in the mandible after:

  • Resection of benign tumors
  • Resection of malignant tumors
  • Resection for osteoradionecrosis
  • Resection for osteomyelitis
  • Removal of fractured conventional plates
  • Gunshot injuries

For the fixation of:

  • Vascularized bone grafts
  • Free bone grafts

Temporary Condylar Head Prosthesis

Replacement in case of:

  • Tumor-related resection of the condylar head
  • Osteomyelitis of the condyle
  • Osteoporosis of the condyle
  • Ankylosis of the TMJ




As an internal fixation system in comminuted or defect fractures

Temporary Condylar Head Prosthesis

Replacement in case of:

  • Loss of the condylar head after fractures



System components

  • 10 different plate types in titanium (ASTM F67) hard, gold
  • Plate thickness 2.5 mm
  • Cortical screws with cross-drive, Ø 2.5 (2.8) mm,
    lengths 10-20 mm, gold
  • Locking screws with cross-drive, Ø 2.5 (2.8) mm,
    lengths 10-20 mm, purple
  • Cancellous locking screws with cross-drive, Ø 2.8 mm,
    lengths 10-16 mm, silver,in titanium (ASTM F136)
  • Condylar Head Prothesis.

Color coding


MODUS Reco 2.5


hard implant plates, cortical screws


locking screws


cancellous locking screws