TriLock Distal Fibula Plates 2.8, Straight


  • 1.6 mm thick plates with offset screw geometry in the shaft​

  • Oblong hole for 2.8 mm cortical screws​

  • Standard plate – three screw placements in the distal section of the plate ​

  • K-wire hole distally and proximally for temporary fixation with K-wires 

Color Code

orange: 2.8​

Clinical benefits

  1. Soft tissue protection with reduced collision of screws in narrow bones.
  2. Plate position can be adjusted on the bone before final fixation.​
  3. Three distal screw holes in the distal plate end for extra fixation in osteoporotic bone
  4. Plates can be temporarily held in position during screw fixation of the plate.



TriLock locking technology with spherical three-point wedge-locking for multidirectional and angular stable osteosynthesis.


Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones e.g. in the hand, wrist, elbow, foot with the appropriate screw size.


HexaDrive screw head design for increased torque transmission with simplified screw pick-up due to self-holding technology.

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