Seasons Greetings

AI Empowered Creativity

Art is not only in our brand name, but also in our DNA. The symbiosis of the surgeon‘s skills and the high-precision implants is the art of osteosynthesis. Medartis celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In order to support you, our dear customers and partners in the future, we aim to provide forward thinking solutions, by questioning the old and striving for innovative results. 
This is how the idea for this greeting card came about. Both the visualizations and the text were created with the help of AI, based on the wonderful story „The Happy Prince“ by Oscar ­Wilde. 
There is no doubt that AI will have a profound impact on how we work and interact with each other in the future. Used wisely, the technology can also advance treatments. Although we want to innovate and think big, humanity is paramount. People will always be at the center of everything we do. That‘s why we love the story of the Happy Prince, who embodies human virtues and values and is so ideal for the festive season.

A Long story short

The Happy Prince is a statue who is covered in gold leaf and has precious jewels for eyes. He is loved by the townspeople, who often stop to admire him. One day, a swallow who is migrating south for the winter stops in the town and sees the Prince. He is struck by the Prince‘s beauty and decides to stay with him for the winter. The Prince asks the swallow to take his jewels to the poor so they can have a better life. Whilst completing this request, in a selfless act they give so much of themselves to the less fortunate that they in turn are left with nothing, they keep giving until they are no more. They are then welcomed into heaven to live in the city of gold.
Summary by OpenAI

We wish you, your families and friends a happy holiday season and a healthy, successful start to the new year.

Watch the AI dream about the Art in our DNA