SpeedTip CCS 2.2 Cannulated Compression Screws


Precise, sharp thread
Optimized cutting geometry
Patented SpeedTip polygonal geometry and thread design

Patented HexaDrive screw head

Screw variations
Fully threaded screws
Short and long threaded screws

Color Code

Purple: APTUS 2.2

Clinical benefits

  1. Compression of fragments
  2. Substantially less effort required to insert screws
  3. Fewer surgical steps
  4. Easy application
  5. Compression also in bone with lower density
  6. Improved purchase in cortical and cancellous bone
  7. Choice of short and long distal threads for interfragmentary application in a wide variety of indications
  8. Screws can be inserted directly without pre-drilling
  9. Reduced risk of bone fragment displacement thanks to the excellent cutting behavior
  10. Effortless insertion – the polygonal tip pushes bone debris aside
  11. Secure connection between screw and screwdriver
  12. Increased torque transmission
  13. Simplified screw pick-up due to patented selfholding technology



Patented TriLock® locking technology with spherical three-point wedge-locking for multidirectional and angular stable osteosynthesis.


Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones e.g. in the hand, wrist, elbow, foot with the appropriate screw size.


Patented HexaDrive® screw head design for increased torque transmission with simplified screw pick-up due to patented self-holding technology.

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