Medartis – from a strong tradition to dynamic progress

Dr. Thomas Straumann founded Medartis in 1997, re-entering the field of osteosynthesis in cranio-maxillofacial surgery.

Started by Dr. Fritz Straumann working closely with the AO (Association for the Study of Osteosynthesis), Medartis continues the development of metal implants for the surgical management of fractures. Today Medartis has at its disposal extensive know-how in the development and production of high quality titanium implant systems.

Originally started with 6 employees in 1997, the company employs today over 500 people worldwide.

Since 2002, Medartis has founded 10 subsidiaries; in Germany, Austria, France, England, Poland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Mexico. The sales organisation has been continuously extended with distribution partners worldwide.

In 2004, Medartis expanded its product portfolio with the APTUS Hand and distal radius system, a focal point of which is the predominant TriLock locking technology. This paved the way for a successful entry into orthopedics and especially the hand surgery market.

In 2005, Medartis increased the production site of the factory in Bretzwil (Switzerland).

In order to meet constant increased growth and market requirements, Management has decided to bring development, production and marketing under one roof.

In July 2009 the headquarters has been transfered to the Stücki Business Park in Basel City, wherefrom the entire Medartis team continues to supply its premium Swiss quality products globally.