Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

CMX services are not available in all countries. Contact your sales representative to find out if CMX services are available in your country. Here you can find a video tutorial:

CMX Portal Registration

The portal is available in German and English.

No, it is a web application that only requires Internet access.

The current version of the CMX Portal is intended to run on desktop computers and laptops with a minimum resolution of 1366×768 pixels and mouse or touchpad control. Touch display interactions are not fully supported.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are supported.

The duration of the design phase is individual and sometimes depends on your availability. From the time of the final design approval it takes about 5 to 10 working days until the products are shipped.

Registration and Login

Your mobile number is required for 2-factor authentication. The General Data Protection Regulation requires the protection of personal data relating both to the patient and to you as a registered user. Here you can find a video tutorial:

CMX Portal Registration

Once you have completed the registration, it will take a maximum of three working days to activate your account.

On the Login page you will find the button “Forgot password”. Click the button and start setting a new password.

Case Initiation

The data must not be older than 4 months. Recommended slice thickness and further information about CMX MODUS 2 Mandible can be found here.
The scan protocol for CMX APTUS Wrist/Forearm/Ankle can be found here.

All files must be zipped and uploaded in the ZIP format. Here you can find a video tutorial:

CMX Upload DICOM Data Windows Version
CMX Upload DICOM Data Mac Version

Yes, but the first name, last name and date of birth are required for identification. Medartis will handle this information confidentially. The patient must have explicitly consented to the data being passed on to Medartis. For further information please refer to the Privacy Notice.

From a medical law perspective, case initiation is a prescription for the production of a custom-made device for a specific patient known by name. These details are formal minimum requirements.

The uploaded data will be checked and a CMX designer will contact you.

Design Phase

You can leave a comment by clicking on the "Comment"-Button on the right in the section "Tools". After that you click on the model to place the comment in a specific area. Here you can find a video tutorial:

CMX Portal – How to comment

You will receive a message in the chatbox on the portal as well as an e-mail.

First, the 3D data is approved. You give the final approval with the digital signature of the "design freeze" document.