A fracture of the proximal humerus is one of the most common fractures in the human body. Despite the achievement of good functional results in the fixation of these fractures, the rate of complications remains high. 

The APTUS Proximal Humerus System 3.5 is a new treatment concept which offers additional support to reduce the risk of secondary varus displacement of the humeral head¹. It is the unique combination of anatomical plate design, TriLock multidirectional locking and an optional spiral blade device. This concept reduces the risk of secondary varus displacement even in fractures of the elderly¹. It allows surgeons treating proximal humerus fractures of different severities the choice of additional calcar support, specific for each patient, and the ability to address individual fragments with multidirectionality. Posterior fragments of the humeral head can be reached thanks to the anatomical plate placement, while the anterior twist of the implant shaft may offer protection of the deltoid insertion. 

¹ Beirer M, Crönlein M, Venjakob AJ, Saier T, Schmitt‑Sody M, Huber‑Wagner S, Biberthaler P, Kirchhoff C: 

Additional calcar support using a blade device reduces secondary varus displacement following reconstruction of the proximal humerus: a prospective study. European Journal of Medical Research 2015; 20:82

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