More than just a job.
Making a difference together.


« I’ve been working for Medartis for 10 years and I love my job. It challenges me day after day. We are an experienced team and many of my colleagues are also close friends. The nice thing is that we are continuously developing ourselves as a team, also thanks to our boss. His generous nature and support enables each and everyone in the team to recognize new opportunities and to go for them. That’s something very special and also the reason why I’ve been with Medartis such a long time already.

When I came to Medartis, I was a CNC mechanic, now I am Project Manager Process Engineering. This step is mainly due to my strong interest in automation and measuring technique. Our screw manufacturing processes have always been high-tech and our plants normally run on a 24/7 basis – without the need of human intervention. But things are quite different when it comes to measuring techniques. Once the screws are produced, they have to be measured manually by the team. We work to close tolerances, thus precision is of the essence. This requires a great deal of concentration, manpower and also time.


That’s why my boss and I started to think about ways to improve this process. My passion for the world of automation gave me an idea. To further develop what I had in mind, I visited exhibitions and contacted other companies in and around Basel. I thus observed that none of the current measuring techniques on the market was able to meet our quality and precision requirements in full.

During this phase, my idea continued to take shape, and so did the thought of implementing it as an in-house development tailored to our specific needs. Our vision led to a close collaboration with a regional machinery manufacturer who also offers me technical support for the project. Together we now develop exactly the measuring system we need at Medartis.

The whole project is extremely exciting and challenges me professionally. As a contrast I spend most of my spare time skydiving. My hobby helps me to clear my mind und to consciously enjoy the present moment.

I’ve always loved to be in motion. Skydiving means that you move in three dimensions. That’s fascinating and it’s such a joy to experience and share this unique feeling with others. Since 2013 I am a licensed skydiver and spend the weekends often together with friends at the airfield.

I’m very glad to work in an environment that is continuously developing and gives me the chance to make a difference. I didn’t have to change jobs to gather experience in automation. Instead, I was offered the opportunity to adapt my work space accordingly and to lead a project in my favorite field. That’s exciting and I am looking forward to the advances in automation that we’ll have to deal with in the future. »