More than just a job.
Making a difference together.

To make an even bigger impact, we need you.

Medartis does not only manufacture medical products. In fact, we develop ideas and technological milestones that are one step ahead. This innovative spirit makes us stand out. Our osteosynthesis solutions enable patients to move freely and regain their quality of life. Achieving this goal is what drives us every day. Only the passion and expertise of our employees make it possible. Join our team and contribute to our success. In Basel and around the world.

01 Application

You can either apply for one of our advertised positions or spontaneously. Please make sure that you upload all necessary documents electronically so that we can get a comprehensive impression of you. These include:

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  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Job references
  • Diploma / Certificates

Please organize your documents in chronological order (latest first) and whenever possible in one PDF per above-mentioned point. This enables our recruiters to asses your application more effectively.

Please also read our job application tips.

Please schedule at least 2 hours to deal with Medartis and the position and to prepare a taylored application. 

If your application cannot be taken into consideration for the position you have chosen, you will receive an email from Medartis. In any case, we would appreciate your continued interest in Medartis for any future positions that spark your interest.

A good fit between your documents and the position increases your chances for being invited for an interview.

You will hear back from Medartis within 2 to 4 weeks.  

02 Examination of the application

As soon as you submit your application, it will be submitted to our recruiters for review. In this initial selection process, we review the candidate's qualifications and experience and compare them with the requirements for the position.

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03 Personal interview

If your application has been pre-selected, you will be invited to an initial interview either by telephone or email. The interview is based on your CV. The interview typically consists of two parts:

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Part I – In a first phase, you will talk to a recruiter. Possible contents of this interview are:

  • Your objective for applying and your motivation for the position
  • Your expectations from team members, your potential supervisor and towards Medartis as employer
  • Your plans for training and development in your career
  • A short introduction to the organization

Part II – Afterwards, you will meet with the superior (or superiors) of the position.

  • In this initial meeting you will discuss the technical aspects of the position as well as personal aspects
  • The common aim of this first interview is to assess the compatibility of the candidate within the team and whether he or she has the technical skills needed for the position.  

In both parts of the interview, we will gladly take time to answer your questions. 

How to dress: It is important that you feel comfortable and look professional. Please consider its suitability to the context of the position and workplace environment. 

The personal interview normally lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. 

If both sides move forward, the way is clear for a second round. In any case, you can expect concrete feedback from us.

Think about the information gathered in the first interview and please keep a note of issues you need clarifications with (if any). We always welcome feedback from candidates.

In most likelihood, you will receive our feedback within a week. 


After the successfully completed interview, the selected candidates are invited to a second round (2nd interview, trial day, etc.).

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Second Round Interview

The second interview gives both Medartis and you an opportunity to clarify outstanding points and to discuss about the potential employment in more detail. You will meet additional contacts at Medartis.

Trial Day

It is the perfect occasion to get a preliminary immersion in the main tasks of the job you applied for and to meet additional people at Medartis. Trial days vary in their structure and duration, depending on the vacant position. A trial day may include:

  • Welcome discussion with Human Resources and the the supervisor(s)
  • Meeting with key individuals related to the position
  • Meeting with the team and a short overview of the tasks
  • Rounding-off discussion with Human Resources and the supervisor(s).

The duration of the second interview is usually +1 hour and structured per the position.


If the second round interview or the trial day definitely convinced you to choose Medartis as your future employer, and if we share the same view, you will receive a concrete job offer from us. We give our candidates the necessary time to consider all aspects of the decision.   Once we have received your confirmation, you will be invited to a welcome discussion on contract finalization. You will also be informed about our terms of employment as well as guidelines and regulations.


If after the second round interview or the trial day, you or Medartis decide against an employment, the same will be communicated over the phone. Even if the recruitement process is not continued, we like to keep in touch with interesting candidates. We will include you in our talent pool for any future possibilities, on getting your consent for retaining your details.

06 Decision

After the second round or the trial day you will be contacted in a short time (within days).

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Due to the strong expansion, Medartis attaches importance to the integration of new employees. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and therefore rely on a comprehensive onboarding.

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During the onboarding period, you will get to know your colleagues and work place systematically. Each new employee receives an individual Introduction Program. It comprises all the trainings which are relevant for the position. You can thus take on tasks swiftly and become a full team member.

The onboarding lasts between 3 and 6 months.