TriLock Proximal Humerus Plates 3.5


  • Anatomically optimized fit 
  • Additional bending of the XL plates follows the anatomy of the shaft
  • Screws passing through the spiral blade increase the stability of the construct
  • Markings for the two screws passing through the spiral blade
  • Oblong hole for flexible positioning of the plate and for fixation of the spiral blade
  • K-wire holes for temporary fixation
  • Rounded edges for soft tissue protection
  • Suture holes with rounded edges
  • TriLock – multidirectional (±15°) and angular stable locking technology in each screw hole *

* Exception: oblong hole


Green: APTUS 3.5

Klinische Vorteile

  1. The asymmetrical form of the plate with posterior plate holes supports the fixation of the greater tubercle
  2. The anterior twist of the implant shaft may offer protection of the deltoid insertion
  3. Optional spiral blades reduce the risk of secondary varus displacement of the humeral head by means of additional calcar support1
  4. Spiral blades in a 40° or 50° angle allow for a flexible approach to the individual fracture pattern
  5. Suture holes with rounded edges facilitate soft tissue fixation with the plate already in position
  6. Diverging screw orientation in the proximal area supports a stable bone purchase
  7. Uniform screw diameter of 3.5 mm for TriLock screws and cortical screws
  8. Two TriLock screws passing through the spiral blade increase the overall stability of the construct

Literatur:1 Beirer M, Crönlein M, Venjakob AJ, Saier T, Schmitt-Sody M, Huber-Wagner S, Biberthaler P, Kirchhoff C:
Additional calcar support using a blade device reduces secondary varus displacement following reconstruction of the proximal humerus: a prospective study. Eur J Med Res 2015; 20: 82 




Patentierte Verblockungstechnologie mit sphärischer Dreipunkt-Keilverblockung für multidirektionale, winkelstabile Osteosynthese.


Kanülierte Kompressionsschrauben zur Versorgung von Frakturen, Osteotomien und Arthrodesen der Knochen z.B. im Bereich der Hand, des Handgelenks, Ellenbogens und Fusses.


Innovatives Schraubenkopfdesign für maximale Drehmomentübertragung mit minimalem Schraubenkopfprofil und ausgezeichneten Selbsthalteeigenschaften.

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