Medartis shareholders approve all proposals of the Board of Directors

    Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR
  • 84.8% of the total share capital was represented at this year's Annual General Meeting
  • All proposals of the Board of Directors were approved with a large majority
  • Ms. Nadia Tarolli Schmidt and Mr. Ciro Roemer were newly elected to the Board of Directors and all other persons standing for election were confirmed
  • The company will use the profit from the 2021 financial year to accelerate its growth strategy and to finance capital expenditures

Basel, 6 April 2022: The shareholders of the Medartis Holding AG (SIX: MED) today approved all proposals of the Board of Directors with a clear majority of more than 91.7% of the votes and elected two new members to the highest governance body. Due to the high Corona case numbers, the AGM was not held as an attendance event.

Medartis’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held without physical participation of shareholders due to the still high Corona case numbers. The persons holding shares were able to exercise their rights by giving written or electronic instructions to the independent proxy. In total, 10 013 719 shares or 84.8% of the total share capital were represented in this way.

The voters granted discharge to the members of the Board of Directors (BOD) for their activities in the 2021 business year. In two separate votes, the shareholders approved the maximum total compensation of the BOD from the AGM 2022 to the AGM 2023 and the maximum total compensation of the Executive Board (EMB) for the 2023 business year. In an advisory vote, the shareholders also approved the Compensation Report 2021.

Six of the previous eight members of the BOD were confirmed for a further one-year term of office with a large share of votes. Marco Gadola was re-elected Chairman of the BOD with 95.5% of the votes. In addition, Ms. Nadia Tarolli Schmidt and Ciro Römer were newly elected to the Board of Directors. Roland Hess and Dr. Jürg Greuter did not stand for re-election.

Increase of authorised and conditional share capital was approved

In accordance with its previous practice, the BOD proposed an extension and adjustment of the authorised and conditional share capital. The proposal of the BOD to increase the authorised share capital was approved with 91.7% of the votes. The BOD is therefore authorised to increase the share capital by a maximum amount of CHF 1 181 436.80 by issuing a maximum of 5 907 184 registered shares within the next two years. The increase of the conditional share capital by issuing up to 622 398 registered shares for employee participation plans was also approved with 94.4% of the votes.

In accordance with the proposal of the BOD, the shareholders confirmed the re-election of Ernst & Young AG as auditors. A detailed list of all resolutions and the voting distribution of the AGM 2022 is attached and can be found under the following link on the Medartis website. The next AGM will take place on 21 April 2023 in Basel.


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