TriLock Radial Head Plates 2.0


  • Plate sizing designed to address the «safe zone»
  • Two proximal rows of screws for better support of the head
  • Two plate bars in the shaft region for increased stability
  • Holes in the shaft region are offset to prevent screw collisions
  • Screw holes for 2.0 mm TriLock locking or cortical screws
  • Plate thickness 1.4 mm
  • 1.2 mm K-wire holes

Color Code

Blue: APTUS 2.0

Clinical benefits

  1. Low plate profile reduces soft tissue irritations [1]
  2. Highly stable fixation despite low plate profile
  3. Treatment of complex multi-fragment fractures possible [2–4]
  4. Easy to use system thanks to uniform screw dimension of 2.0 mm (TriLock locking and cortical screws)

[1–4] Literature on page 2 of Product Info"




TriLock locking technology with spherical three-point wedge-locking for multidirectional and angular stable osteosynthesis.


Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones e.g. in the hand, wrist, elbow, foot with the appropriate screw size.


HexaDrive screw head design for increased torque transmission with simplified screw pick-up due to self-holding technology.

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