TriLock Ulna Shortening Plate 2.5


  • Osteotomies can be performed with either a 45° or 90° angle
  • Chamfered edges and a smooth surface for soft tissue protection
  • TriLock – multidirectional (± 15°) and angular stable locking technology
  • Compatible with the screws and instruments of the APTUS Distal Radius System 2.5

Color Code

Purple: APTUS 2.5

Clinical benefits

  1. Rotation-proof and guided compression
  2. Finely adjustable saw guide (2-8 mm) for precise and parallel osteotomies
  3. Controlled compression is generated and maintained by means of the spindle
  4. Recess on the plate allows for osteotomy with fixed plate
  5. Low plate profile of 3.2 mm"



TriLock locking technology with spherical three-point wedge-locking for multidirectional and angular stable osteosynthesis.


Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones e.g. in the hand, wrist, elbow, foot with the appropriate screw size.


HexaDrive screw head design for increased torque transmission with simplified screw pick-up due to self-holding technology.

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