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CMX Ankle offers custom-made devices such as surgical guides and 3D bone models as part of the CMX service. CMX Ankle custom-made products are used with the implants of the established system APTUS Ankle Trauma System 2.8/3.5.
Please contact your local Medartis Representative about the availability in your market.


  • Surgical guides allow the marking, drilling and cutting of the bone, while 3D bone models mimic the pre- or postoperative anatomical structure of your patient.
  • Save time during the surgery thanks to a reduced number of surgical steps and easy handling of the tools.*
  • The specific design of your custom-made products and their usage in the OR help you achieve a more predictable outcome.

*Foot note: Giuliana Caiti et al. Computer-Assisted Techniques in Corrective Distal Radius Osteotomy Procedures. IEEE REVIEWS IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, VOL. 13, 2020


CMX Ankle guides and bone models do not have color coding.

Compatible APTUS plates, screws and instruments have the following color coding:

Orange: 2.8
Green: 3.5