Expert Opinion

Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. med. Tim Lögters

“I've been using the TOUCH prosthesis for almost two years and to be honest, my experience with the TOUCH prosthesis has been really, really positive.”

Prof. Dr. med. Tim Lögters, a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery at St. Vinzenz-Hospital Köln was our guest in the 12th episode of #InsightTalk​​​​​​​. Watch the whole video to learn more about his thoughts on the #ritzarthrosis solutions, differences in the healthcare system between Germany and the US and his view on the increasing interest in the GLP-1.


Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. J. Christoph Katthagen (University Hospital Münster) and Dr. Annika Hättich from the University Hospital in Hamburg

“I always thought that if I moved to Hamburg, nobody would have a skiing injury because there are no mountains and snow here.”

At the major orthopaedic congress DKOU in Berlin, we met two representatives of the up-and-coming generation of trauma surgeons and orthopaedic specialists. We are sure that we will be hearing more from both of them in the future.

View here.

Insight Talk with Dr. Daniel Herren

I never had an intervention in the hand where the patient told me afterwards, “Doctor, my thumb feels like nothing happened.”

In the latest edition of Insight Talk, we talk to Dr Daniel Herren from the Schulthess Clinic about TOUCH, the Carpo-Metacarpal (CMC-1) thumb prosthesis from Keri Medical SA, which is distributed by Medartis in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. He and his colleague Dr Stephan Schindele have used more than 400 prostheses and he shares his insights and gives advice for less experienced surgeons. Dr Herren is a board member of the Federation of European Societies for the Surgery of the Hand (FESSH).


Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. Antje-Christin Knopf

“If something goes wrong, I personally would still trust the surgeon more than an AI-based robot.”

In another edition of Insight Talk, we turn our attention to the omnipresent topic of artificial intelligence. We would like to focus specifically on the applications of AI in medicine and medical technology, for which we spoke with Prof. Dr. Antje-Christin Knopf. The PhD physicist is an expert in the field of medical imaging and proton therapy and teaches at the FHNW near Basel, Switzerland.

Insight Talk with Dr. Radek Kebrle

“The chances of Petra Kvitová ever playing tennis again were very small. The injuries were horrible.”

Martina Navrátilová, Jana Novotná, Ivan Lendl, Tomáš Berdych. The list of Czech tennis stars is long. But none has had such an eventful career as Petra Kvitová. Five years ago, the tennis pro was stabbed so badly in the hand by a burglar at home that her career seemed to be over. She was able to beat the burglar into flight, but she was massively injured on her left hand. All five fingers were damaged. The tendons and nerves were affected. Dr. Radek Kebrle performed the miracle and gave the tennis player a second hand, thus preventing the abrupt end of her career. In the 7th edition of Insight Talk, we talked to the hand specialist about this time and how it changed his life.

Insight Talk with Dr. Simon Fleming

We met him in London to talk about the benefits of diversity in healthcare and his social media activities.

“Bullying and harassment costs the British National Health Service £2.4 bn a year.”

Simon Fleming is a trainee Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon based in London and a top 100 social media influencers in orthopaedic surgery. He has a national, and growing international reputation, for his campaigning work to drive up standards in medical education and drive out bullying in healthcare.

Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. med. Christina Stukenborg-Colsman

We spoke with the foot & ankle expert about the incidence of hallux valgus deformities, the gender gap in leading positions in surgery and resorbable screws and plates.

“As the society gets older, patients get bunions at a later point in their life.”

Christina works at the Orthopaedic University Clinic Annastift clinic in Hannover as Chief Medical Officer where she heads the foot and ankle surgery department.

Insight Talk with Dr. med. Piotr Czarnecki

We met the Polish hand specialist Dr. Piotr Czarnecki to talk about surgical robots and thumbs prosthesis.

“Not only musicians or athletes need a very good hand!”

Piotr works at the Poznań University of Medical Sciences in Poland and specialized in orthopedics and trauma surgery. He is a member of the hand trauma and examination committee of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH).

Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. med. Gregory Rafijah

The third Insight Talk episode features Prof. Dr. med. Gregory Rafijah from the University of California, who has over 20 years of surgical experience.

“Freeway volume is back to normal, which is shocking because gas prices have gone through the roof due to inflation.”

Professor Dr. Rafijah currently serves as Clinical Professor at the University of California, Irvine. He specializes in the medical and surgical care of the hand, wrist and elbow. In our discussion he mentioned that even though the overall patient volume remained about the same, his trama clinic has seen more injuries that occurred at home. During the lockdowns the nature of the trauma has changed and was more reflected by things that were happening at home, such as domestic injuries from domestic violence disputes and suicide attempts.

Insight Talk with Prof. Dr. Christophe Meyer

Peter Cologna spoke with Dr. Meyer on the sidelines of a IBRA master CMF course in Besançon and asked him about topics such as 3 Printing, reimbursement and the advantages of a digital workflow.

“A digital workflow forces surgeons to analyse their cases in detail, and I think that is the biggest advantage, much more than the printing itself.”

Dr. Meyer is Head of the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Hospital Besançon, France.