Creating More Experience.

What is CMX?

New digital technologies support the treatment of even very complex cases to answer the individual anatomical needs of each of your patients.

CMX is an integrated service that supports your workflow prior to and during the surgery, together with the most suitable plates and operating tools.

CMX accompanies the cases from initiation to intervention: everything is accessible directly from your browser anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of the CMX Portal

Supports the whole workflow, from case initiation to delivery of custom-made devices with full case-related documentation.

Intuitive navigation and overview of the process 
Any case-related information is accessible directly from the portal. 

User-friendly communicative tools  
Option to contact a designer in the chatbox while leaving comments directly on the 3D model. 

No additional software installations required 
The web-based platform is accessible from your browser anytime and anywhere.

Secure data transfer  
The portal is secured by HTTPS and thus guarantees secure and encrypted data transmission.

How does CMX work?

01 Registration & Login

Before you start working with the portal, you have to register at CMX. Once registered, use your login data to access the portal. Then enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone: This 2-factor login serves to provide optimum protection of your data and those of your patients. The registration and the use of the portal are free of charge.

02 Case Initiation & Data Upload

The cases are easily initiated within the portal. Just fill in all case-related information and upload the patient data. A CMX designer will then be assigned specifically to each of your cases.

03 Design Phase

The CMX designer will prepare a digital prototype of the plates and/or surgical tools according to your input. Visualizations of the 3D modelled case are available within the portal. The chatbox and the option to leave comments directly on the 3D visualizations are part of the portal and allow for easy communication with a designer for further adaptations. You can also schedule a web meeting if needed.

04 Design Approval & Binding Order

The CMX designer generates a design freeze document with all case-related information. By signing this document, the surgeon initiates the final and binding order.

05 Production & Delivery

After your final approval of the design, the custom-made devices are produced and shipped within 5 to 10 working days. All custom-made devices come with the case documentation and are delivered in one box per case. You can also track the delivery process with the tracking number submitted in the portal.