TriLock Distal Radius Plates XL 2.5, Volar


  • TriLock – variable angle of ± 15° in all directions in each screw hole*
  • TriLockPLUS screw holes combine compression and angular stability in one step
  • Rounded edges and a smooth surface for soft tissue protection
  • Oblong hole for variable positioning of the plate
  • K-wire holes to assist with temporary plate fixation
  • Buttressing of the RCJ and DRUJ due to the possibility of converging screw placement
  • Anatomically pre-contoured plate design in the shaft and distal area available in three different lengths
  • Offset screw holes in the shaft avoid screw collisions
    * Exception: oblong hole

Color Code

Purple: APTUS 2.5

Clinical benefits

  1. Stable fixation with a variable plate profile in the shaft of 3.2 mm to 1.8 mm distally
  2. Two-row screw arrangement in the distal area for subchondral support



Patented TriLock® locking technology with spherical three-point wedge-locking for multidirectional and angular stable osteosynthesis.


Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones e.g. in the hand, wrist, elbow, foot with the appropriate screw size.


Patented HexaDrive® screw head design for increased torque transmission with simplified screw pick-up due to patented self-holding technology.

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