25 years anniversary

“Restoring quality of life“

is our purpose and the core of everything we do at Medartis. In 50 countries around the globe, our innovative products and solutions impact the quality of life of countless patients. Building on our 25-year legacy, this is also our promise for the future, which we are shaping together with our customers and partners.

Throughout these years, precision, quality and customer focus have been the hallmarks of Medartis. It is this unique passion for the very highest manufacturing quality and attention to technical detail that still forms the foundation of our company today. In the future, we want our solutions to help make treatments easier, faster, intuitive and more predictable for you and we want to be the most reliable partner for our customers.

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we have every reason to celebrate our history, our culture and the enduring purpose that guides us toward a sustainable and healthy future. Because life is about celebrating things with the people who matter.

We have planned numerous activities in the course of the anniversary year. We look forward to seeing you again.

The Medartis story.

In 1997 Thomas Straumann had a bold idea. Together with his best friend from his youth Willi Miesch, he founded Medartis AG and entered the fiercely competitive market of osteosynthesis head-on. With clever ideas and a hands-on approach, they soon impressed surgeons all over the world. Medartis grew and so did its product range, from head to toe. Thanks to pioneering technologies, the former start-up developed into a global innovation leader in the osteosynthesis market.

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We are more than just products, we are people

Successful leaders know the importance of the people who work in a company. In business books and workshops, we are often reminded that "great companies are built with great people." That's true, but sometimes it's easy to forget that, especially when we're struggling with project deadlines and  got our head down pushing the business forward. An anniversary like the 25th is a good opportunity to pause and talk to people who have shaped the company in their respective fields. We spoke with four individuals who are highly regarded at Medartis and have worked for Medartis for at least half of its 25-year anniversary. Let's listen to what they have to say about their work and the Medartis company. In keeping with our corporate value "everyone counts", we would like to thank Susi Walliser, Thomas Alge, Christine Hasler und Kylian Jaworski for their loyalty.

Two stories, one village: Zermatt

At the foot of the Matterhorn, Christoph Brönnimann meets Heinz Julen, the well-known Zermatt artist, designer, architect, visionary and hotelier. The Medartis CEO moved with his family from Basel to Visp in 1981 as a teenager, where his father managed the largest Lonza production site. His brother is a doctor in the world-famous Valais ski resort, and Brönnimann is a regular visitor to Zermatt. For this double interview, he meets the artist Julen for the first time. Lifes of the two entrepreneurs could not be more different. They talk about creativity, visions, sport and motivated employees.

Video only in Swiss dialect