Our Mission

About the Medartis vision and mission

We believe that vision, mission, and values are key elements of our organisation and our strategic planning. It sets the direction, creates a long-term strategy for where we are heading and it aligns everyone around the Medartis goals.

“Restoring quality of life” is our purpose.

Our vision: With our proven expertise we collaborate with health care professionals to develop innovative technologies for improved surgical outcomes. Together we are setting new standards in patient care.

Our mission: This vision is supported by our mission and values which apply to our daily operations. Committed people are at the heart of our mission. We are committed to the well-being of patients and provide medical specialists with innovative, high-quality and user-friendly solutions to improve surgical outcomes. Committed people are at the heart of our mission. We want to be an exciting company for our employees and partners, act sustainably and deliver value for our stakeholders.

Since our inception in 1997, we have been open to new ideas and work closely with design surgeons to advance the standard of care. Everything we do, every product we make, every service we provide, helps medical specialists to achieve their goals and meet the expectations of their patients. We expand our business acumen by listening to surgeons and OR staff, developing new ideas together, caring about the outcome, and challenging the status quo. We want to be the first place that surgeons or scientists come to do create new product solutions. For our shareholders, it means sustainable returns from an ethical business, that respects the rules and cares for its communities.